Benefits of land

Direct ownership

Personal ownership of the property leads to an oasis of happiness and comfort. Roatán is one of the rare places in the Caribbean where you can maintain personal ownership of property. Imagine how wonderful it is to have your own oceanside tropical home? Owning a property means not only freedom and independence, but also a sense of security and peace of mind. Join us and ease your mind as a secured personal property owner in the Caribbean!


What makes a house a home? Well, necessities such as water, grounded electricity, roads, and internet access surely add to the living experience. This infrastructure will be professionally installed with all Terra Chula properties.

Attention to these details ensures our clients enjoy the comforts of home within the rustic milieu of the island. A complete infrastructure is already in place for all the plots, to make you feel at home.


Terra Chula’s philosophy strives to connect our clients with eco-friendly living spaces. Being green isn’t always easy, but the bio-diversity of native trees and plants along our properties is a beauty to behold. We regularly plant new trees to restore the beauty of our properties if trees fall or must be removed for any reason.

Another ecological process proudly featured is rainwater harvesting. We contribute to the protection of the island and its valuable water resources by employing this process. We also use local wood in the construction of our houses and furniture, which promotes sustainable development. Creating a harmonious space between man and nature is a core value of Terra Chula.


Our properties are offered on a very diverse landscape. If you prefer a serene natural environment, a plot on the edge of the resort might be more suitable for you. Conversely, if you enjoy being closer to society, a plot closer to the pool or restaurant might be a more attractive option.

While location is important, so is the view. Many of our homes offer breathtaking oceanfront vistas while other focus on verdant gardens. Choose a plot that will meet your desires and satisfy your senses.

Well-water: A source of vitality

Water is essential to the functioning of any home. At Terra Chula, we are proud to be one of the few developments on the island to have its own well. Because of this, we are able to provide ample water for every lot in our project. The main benefit of having a well is independence from outside contractors, eliminating concerns about potential water supply issues.

Our community thrives because of energy independence, and well water is proudly offered to ensure there will never be any trouble in paradise. You might consider access to well-water as a priority that comes with your purchase. You can be rest assured, that access to water and electricity will be well-managed with an independence necessary to feel safe on the Island at all times.

Facilities at Terra Chula

Your land is an integral part of the beautiful resort. At Terra Chula, we aim not only to provide you with maximum comfort, but offer a wide range of services to enable your purchase to yield investment income. The resort's amenities boast an exquisitely maintained swimming pool, full-service restaurant, and coffee roaster.

Our daily property maintenance ensures customer satisfaction. All rental units on the properties are kept in the forefront of Terra Chula’s “satisfaction guaranteed” attitude. From garden maintenance to property management and rental assistance, Terra Chula keeps your investment at a premium return.

Investment Appreciation

Real property investments are an important part of every portfolio. Landowners within Terra Chula have traditionally seen an increase in their investment capital resulting in long-term financial gain. It is an excellent part of a balanced investment strategy.

Whether you live on your property or generate rental income from it, you can approach land investment with confidence at Terra Chula.

Long-term property management investments like this result in more than just financial return, because our investments are also in families like yours.


Our plots are located on the windward side with a southeast orientation, which is the right choice. Plots on the windward side will delight you with a constant light breeze that brings pleasant refreshment during hot summer days. The south-east position ensures that every morning you will have the opportunity to start your day with a beautiful sunrise and plenty of sunshine.

Because the property is farther from the coast, it is also away from the hustle and bustle of taxi’s and buses. There is a peacefulness in the quiet ocean views. Pests like mosquitoes and sand flies are far away. Our homes are insulated from algae as they are situated at a safe distance from the sea. Despite the distance, you will still be close enough to enjoy the magic of the ocean from the comfort of your home. It is truly the best of both worlds.

Terra Chula Pier

Terra Chula Resort offers a unique experience with its own private jetty, located in an enclosed private lagoon surrounded by a beautiful seascape. Whether you are an avid fisherman or just a nature lover, you will appreciate the peace and tranquility of our lagoon. You can spend hours watching the birds and fish that live in the surrounding mangroves, or try to your hand at catching dinner. Hop on a boat or sea kayak, explore the surrounding coastline, discover picturesque coves, or have a swim in the neighboring turquoise lagoon. When you reach this beautiful lagoon, you will be amazed by the clarity of the water and the tranquility it instills. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy every day immersed in the calm of the ocean, the jewel of island life.