Yes, foreigners have the opportunity to acquire personal ownership of properties and land of up to 3000 m2 on the island of Roatán. If someone is interested in a larger piece of land, they need to form a corporation.

Real estate in Roatán is much more affordable compared to the Czech market or the European market in general.

Typically, the year-on-year increase in property prices is around 10%. For large luxury properties, appreciation can be lower or even negative. Smaller and cheaper properties sell best, especially those in international self-managed projects that can be easily rented out.

Yes, as part of the Terra Chula Resort project we offer the possibility of using our rental management..

Terra Chula Resort is located 15 minutes from French Harbour, approximately in the middle of the island on the south coast, in an area called Terra Chula. Below the project is the island’s oldest settlement, Jonesville Point, inhabited by descendants of early settlers from England, Ireland and Scotland. Its location makes it easy to travel both west and east of the island.

As part of the Terra Chula Resort project, we offer plots ranging in size from approximately 500 m2 to 1000 m2.

The property tax is comparable to the Czech Republic and the amount depends on the type of house.

Real estate transfer tax and related fees are 6% of the purchase price of the land.

The journey to Roatán is most often from Prague, Vienna or Dresden, usually with two changes – the first in Europe (e.g. Amsterdam, London, Munich, Frankfurt) and the second in the USA (Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Dallas). Ticket prices vary between 15,000 and 25,000 CZK. We recommend that you choose your tickets in advance and not be tied to a specific date. An alternative is to fly via Madrid to San Pedro Sula in Honduras and from there to Roatán, but these tickets tend to be more expensive.

The cost of living and standard of living are very similar to the Czech Republic. The price level of food also differs only minimally – dairy products can be more expensive than in the Czech Republic.

Yes, it is possible to do business here as a sole trader or set up a company according to your needs. We will be happy to recommend a good lawyer who can help you with this.