Yes, Roatán is a safe and pleasant island located near mainland Honduras. It has seen a lot of development recently and has a large population, especially from Canada and the USA. The island has its own airport, which is constantly being expanded, and in the future could also be used for direct flights from Europe.

Roatán has a pleasant year-round climate with average temperatures around 28°C.

Hurricanes are not common on Roatán, as the island is located off the main hurricane routes.

Roatán is a beautiful green island with hilly terrain. The island is surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world, which protects it from large waves (e.g. tsunami) and erosion. The sea is azure clear and the beaches are beautiful, without many tourists. In the east of the island you will find the popular Camp Bay beach, which is about 3 km long and you can often spend the whole day here alone. The land on the island is mostly sloping with spectacular ocean views, which is also true of the Terra Chula Village project.

The infrastructure of Roatán has been developing rapidly in recent years. Roatán’s roads are being upgraded and more and more directions lead to the east of the island. While the western part of the island has a more developed infrastructure, the situation in the east is less ideal, especially in terms of the quality of roads and paths. However, there has also been a significant improvement here. There is no problem with telephone or internet access on the island. In the town of French Harbour, which is only a 15-minute drive from Terra Chula Village, you will find the top-notch Cemesa hospital, pharmacies, banks, a supermarket, restaurants, shops, a beautiful golf course and other services.

The Honduran lempiras (L) are used in Roatán, which have almost the same exchange rate with the Czech crown, so the prices are easy to understand and comparable for us.

It is possible to find ATMs on the island to withdraw cash and use credit or debit cards. Most shops accept credit cards without problems, as well as cash in US dollars (USD) or local currency (LPS). However, at local fruit and vegetable stalls or small vendors, you usually have to pay with cash in the local currency.

Spanish is spoken in Roatán, but most residents can also speak English.

The most practical modes of transport on this island include car, motorcycle or your own boat.

There are several car rental companies at the airport, offering a wide range of vehicles. However, prices tend to be higher compared to other alternatives. By arrangement, it is often possible to rent a car directly from the owners within the project under more favourable conditions than in car rental companies and without having to pay a deposit. A common deposit with rental companies is about USD 1 500 and must be paid by credit card – they do not accept cash. Just let us know of your interest in advance and we will take care of the arrangements. You can also rent a scooter from us.

Boat transport is very popular especially among the local population, who use it as much as land transport. You can order a “water taxi” to take you to the beach, to a restaurant or bar on the coast or on the sea.

Yes, there is public transport, but we do not recommend it for tourists. Transportation is provided by minibuses that run back and forth on the main road all day. However, this transport tends to be slower and instead we recommend using the services of local taxi drivers, who are widely represented on the island. Tone of voice: friendly

You will find a decent level of healthcare in Roatán, mainly represented by American hospitals – Hospital Cemes Hospital offers inpatient care and performs routine surgeries.

The island is also well-equipped with dental offices that provide a wide range of common procedures, including surgeries, bridges and the like. Prices for these services are comparable to those in the Czech Republic, and you don’t have to deal with long waits.

Pharmacies on the island are well stocked and you can currently buy any medication or medical supplies without a prescription. This includes antibiotics, special medicines and preparations. Prices for these products are also comparable.

Overall, Roatán has a friendly atmosphere when it comes to healthcare, so you can count on quality service at reasonable prices.

Roatán is served by two mobile operators offering different internet tariffs. Connection to the LTE network is common and fixed internet to the home can also be set up.

The island offers a wide range of water sports such as diving or snorkelling at the coral reefs, which are not far from the shore and can be swum to. You can also own a boat without having to take a test, just register it properly. Popular activities include fishing, kitesurfing on the east side of the island or swimming with dolphins and diving in a deep-sea submarine on the west side of the island (West Bay, West End). There is also a botanical garden and a park with vegetation and animals, a popular activity is the Zip Lane.

No, you can only travel to Roatán with a valid passport and stay up to 90 days. Your stay can be extended. For those who wish to live permanently in Roatán or stay for a longer period of time in their own home, an application for permanent residency may be recommended. We will be happy to help you with this

Roatán is a unique island full of nice people and beautiful nature. Either you will be so captivated that you will want to return again and again, or you will leave without the desire to return. We don’t know anyone between the two.